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Investment Management

U.S. Wealth Group manages client accounts in a flexible, low cost, highly diversified and transparent manner. Each investment account is uniquely tailored for each individual client. By adhering to a defined process, we remove emotion and insure sound decision making. We firmly believe that managing risk is the only way investors can develop a long-term investment strategy for dependable growth and future income. At U.S. Wealth Group, we offer investment advisory services through our own independent registered investment advisor (RIA), U.S. Wealth Group. This arrangement provides us with access to a full array of non-proprietary financial products, services and resources used to develop and manage our own model portfolios. Through the use of our model portfolios and other investments, as appropriate, we seek to create an investment portfolio tailored to your objectives that can help ensure your assets are strategically allocated, diversified and managed over time, based on your needs and risk tolerance.

In constructing your investment portfolio, we seek:

Quality investments

offering tangible value and utility


through various assets, asset classes, investment management styles and methodologies

Income generating investments

that can provide an important component of total return, especially for investors in or nearing retirement, widows and divorcees

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