Step by Step

We work with you to achieve the best customizable solution for your investing goals and future needs.

We understand that everyone has different investment goals. It’s our job to listen to you, ask the appropriate questions and then work together to develop the best possible solution for your investments.

U.S. Wealth Group has a custom 3-step process that has been tailored to provide clients successful results and a great experience.

  • Step1

    Step 1. Risk Profile

    Our introduction to you, your needs and where you currently stand with your financial goals. We identify your unique views about money. This provides your financial advisor the foundation to apply their expertise.

    Time Horizon
    Duration of your investment needs.

    Long-Term Goals
    Overall return objective.

    Short-Term Risk Attitude
    Comfort of investment volatility.

    Liquidity Needs
    Projected need for distributions.

  • Step2

    Step 2. Investment Policy Statement

    Ensures you and your advisor understand the advisor's role and accountability. There are four key elements to review:

    1. Income Provision:
    When is income needed and for what purpose? Are there lump sum needs to prepare for?

    2. Decision Making:
    How your money will be managed.

    3. Asset Allocation Provision:
    Your custom, highly diversified investment allocation designed to meet your needs without excess risk

    4. Provision of Periodic Review:
    A written agreement of how and how often your investments will be personally reviewed with your advisor.

  • Step3

    Step 3. Select Allocation Model

    U.S. Wealth Group creates a custom client portfolio allocation based on:

    Income Needs
    Return Goals
    Risk Tolerance
    Tax Considerations

    By using our proprietary process each client has a truly customized allocation specifically designed for their unique situation and financial goals. Each year we revisit these three steps to continually offer the portfolio allocation most appropriate for each client as their goals and financial needs change.