U.S. Wealth Group Post by Robert Santarpia

Market Review: December 2017

GOP tax bill passes The biggest piece of speculation over the past several months has been whether or not the GOP would be able to push their proposed tax bill through Congress. The end of the year brought good news for President Trump as the bill was pushed through both the House and Senate and will make immediate changes that could ripple throughout the entire economy. Pieces of this bill will significantly help big Wall Street corporations. The corporate tax rate is being cut from 35% to 21%, which should bolster the bottom line of many publicly traded companies. Additionally, the bill...

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The New Tax Plan- What you need to know

Congress has just passed the most sweeping tax code overhaul in decades. Once signed into law, the majority of its provisions will kick in on January 1, 2018, with many of the changes expiring after 2025. The tax bill will have almost no effect on your 2017 tax return.   1.Tax brackets will change. The final tax bill keeps seven tax brackets but changes the tax rates, which shifts income into lower brackets. The long-term capital gains tax rates remain essentially unchanged, and short-term capital gains will be taxed at the adjusted ordinary income tax rates. Most (although not all) taxpayers would owe less...

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Market Review November 2017

Online holiday sales hit all-time high The beginning of the holiday season is marked by two things, the post-Thanksgiving food coma and the retail sales that follow on Black Friday. This year sales on the day hit record highs, with more consumers purchasing goods on their mobile devices than ever before, marking positive signs to come for the retail economy in the coming month. With $7.9 billion sold on Black Friday the retail sector saw its numbers jump almost 18% from the year before. Expectations from brick-and-mortar stores does not look as promising, given the initial findings that 40% of all sales...

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