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Market Review January 2019

Investors showed a great deal of worry heading into 2019 after a dreadful end of the previous year. However, stocks rebounded considerably in January, and those investors who trusted in a market rebound were rewarded.

Stocks Make a Comeback

In January, the S&P 500 climbed 7.9%, making it the best start of the year since 1987. This stock market comeback has left many investors confused amidst economic fear across the globe.

James Paulsen, chief investment strategist at Leuthhold Group, noted, “This year, we came in with nothing but...

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Market Review December 2018

Overall, 2018 was an up and down year for markets. Unfortunately, December brought the most downs of all, with markets having their worst month in recent memory, bringing returns for stocks lower on the year. This leaves a great deal of uncertainty heading into the new year.  

A month to forget

December was a month investors would like to forget. Not only did December bring a unusual market downturn, prices fell in a historically negative way. It was the worst December for the stock market since the Great Depression, with the S&P 500 falling by 10.16% on the month. The market was non-discriminatory...

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Market Review November 2018

An Up and Down November

Stocks rode the rollercoaster of November, heading into the holiday season higher on the month. The Dow Jones closed November at 25,538, up about 1.7%, while the S&P 500 gained a similar 1.7% on the month. The healthcare sector was one of the biggest gainers on the month, rising 6.9%. This didn’t come without turmoil, as markets were down as low as 7.2% from the high of the month before rallying to end the month. Historically, December has been good to the equities markets, with stocks performing well over the month in past years. Still, some analysts...

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Market Review October 2018

Don’t call it a bear market...yet. October was a month which started out with reason for celebration, with markets reaching record high numbers. However, this positive sentiment didn’t last long, and a swift correction soon followed. Everyone is now asking the question, are markets headed into bear territory?

October’s Falling Knife. Is it Over?

October came and went, but not without bringin one of the worst trading months in recent history. On the month, the NASDAQ fell close to 9%, the S&P lost 7%, and the Dow Jones faltered by 5%. Ralph Acampora, a technical analysis expert, explained why the current market is...

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Market Review September 2018

As summer has officially come to a close, the US equities market has stayed the course, with major indices pushing record levels. With the third quarter of 2018 coming to a close, the S&P 500 booked its largest gains in 5 years, up 7% to 2,913. With the economy in full swing, the Federal Reserve raised rates once again, and is working to keep close watch on an economy which appears to be coming on strong.

Fed raises rates again

For the third time this year, the US Federal Reserve raised interest rates to support...

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Market Review August 2018

US market pushing record highs, but it’s not all gravy

Once again the US finds its equity market pushing record levels, with the S&P 500 eclipsing 2,900 for the first time ever, and Dow Jones Industrial Average creeping back towards 26,000. Employment levels continue to rise, business investment is booming, and consumers are spending more money, all of which are making for a market environment which many are pleased with. Still, many investors are waiting to see if this booming economy will find itself in another recession at a point in the near future, much of which...

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Market Review July 2018

Geopolitical issues around the globe, especially those surrounding U.S. President Donald Trump, continue to leave investors concerned about the future. Still, the US economy posted record growth and lower oil prices could keep consumers happy at the pump.

United States Q2 GDP impresses

The growth rate of the US economy was stellar over the second quarter of 2018. US GDP growth hit 4% on the quarter as reported by the Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA), which almost doubled the growth rate of 2.2% seen in the first quarter. Some are attributing the growth to...

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Market Review June 2018

Riding the stock market roller coaster

Stock prices rode a wave of ups and downs during the month of June. The Dow Jones Industrial Average topped 25,300 mid-month, only to tumble down towards 24,100 before month’s end, an almost 5% swing in just a single month. During the same period the Nasdaq rose to its peak for the year above 7,780 before also retreating about 4% to around 7,445. This wave of price fluctuation sent the CBOE Volatility Index above 18, but was still not nearly as volatile as the beginning of the year which saw...

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Market Review April 2018

Mixed month for US markets

Equities markets in the United States closed the month just a bit higher, with the Dow Jones ending April at 24,163, or 0.8% higher than when the month began. While the beginning of April was promising, markets took a tumble on April 24th, with the Dow losing 425 points, and the Nasdaq losing 1.7% of its value. In a poll conducted by the Conference Board, only 33% of people expect stock prices to rise this year, down from 51% in January. One analysts believe that when the year started, “Investors...

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Market Review March 2018

As the first quarter of 2018 came to a close, investors have reason for a great deal of optimism. Indicators of strong corporate earnings carrying over from the end of last year is supporting markets, and GDP growth is continuing to rise and make way for global expansion. While a US trade war looms, giving way for a potential shaky international trade, its potential effects are not yet apparent in the current economic climate.

Market growth supported by strong earnings

While some market experts have claimed the rise in stock prices has created a market...

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